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Our Vision                                                                                                      Hotline:+880 1718 814 377

To be a respectable construction company delivering beyond expectation always.                                  +880 1775 030 559


Our Mission   

We aim to achieve our mission through total service satisfaction to our customers in terms of service delivery, quality of work within reasonable time frame.  Reducing costs through continuous, effective improvements & utilization of technology in term of process & systems.Through long term relationships with our clients and our aim to get to know their needs, will we be able to provide our knowledge and implementation of skills to the benefit of both parties.


Principal Activities

Planning, Design consulting service for Building, Hydraulic Structure etc. Construction and Project Management, Specialized with Telecommunication Service provider (Fiber Optical work, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical & Power work).




 Underground Work:

  F.O Cable Lying, Primary PVC Duct Line in sand and concrete.

  R.C.C Manhole, R.C.C Hand Hole. R.C.C Cabinet Foundation, Installation of MDF.

  Installation of Secondary Line, Installation of DP Pole.

  Splicing of different type of Terminated Point.

  Jointing of Different Cable Joint.

  Earthing/ Grounding System.

 Mobile System:

  Construction and decoration in different type of Mobile Roof Top & Green field Base

  Installation of MW & GSM antenna.

  Earthing / Grounding System.

  Power & Telecom Equipment Installation.



  Office Building of Govt. Semi-Govt. Bank & Insurance Company etc.

  Telecommunication related Building such as BTS room, Office, Tower Foundation etc.

  Industrial Building with steel roof truss.

  Interior Decoration.

 Piling work:

  R.C.C Pre-cast & Cast-in-Situ Pile

  Land Development, Palasiding work & Sand filing

  Hydraulic Structure: R.C.C Bridge, Culvert & Box Culvert

 Water supply and sanitary work:

  Pump house including installation of deep Tube well

  Overhead water tank , External water supply network

  Internal water supply arrangement

  Internal sanitation system installation, External sanitation system Installation:

 Boundary fencing and approach road work:


  RCC and masonry boundary wall with barbed mash and angle topping

  RCC boundary wall with grill fixing in the gap as well as barbed mash and angle topping

  Fancy type boundary gate


  Building Earthing with Lighting Arrester.

  Power Equipment Earthing.

  Earthing for Telecom & other Electronics Equipment.

  Different type of Tower Grounding.


  Providing power connection from different department.

  Installation of Substation.

  Power Line Construction of HT & LT.


  Supplying of Construction materials, Office furniture & equipment.

  Supplying of Construction equipment & vehicles for transportation.